Introducing Southern Airways Express’ Newest Stop: Jonesboro, Arkansas


Southern Airways Express now offers flights to and from Jonesboro, Arkansas which fly to and from St. Louis and Nashville.

Known as the “City of Churches”, we want to introduce you to this Craighead County city and its surrounding areas to help you discover the charming city of Jonesboro. 


Jonesboro was named after William A. Jones in recognition of his support in the legislature for the formation of Craighead County. Jonesboro was officially established as a town in 1859. Over the years, the city of Jonesboro has witnessed and been part of a lot of historical events. Having had multiple burnings of the original courthouse established in 1869, Civil War landmark events occurring and even surviving major natural disasters, this area has endured trials and growth to become the charming travel destination it is today. It has also been an agricultural center for processing rice, cotton and soybeans, as well as being the regional hub for the food-processing industry. 


Craighead Forest National Park 

For the outdoor lover, Craighead Forest National Park is a must-go. Opening in 1937, this park offers 692 acres of beautiful scenery in addition to recreational activities such as camping, hiking, playgrounds as well as basketball and volleyball courts. 

The ASU State Museum

The ASU State Museum is a museum located at Arkansas State that features displays about the region’s natural history & cultural heritage. They have temporary, online and permanent exhibits to offer to help you learn about the state’s role in history and its transformation over the years. Some permanent exhibits feature The Arkansas Frontier, Crowley’s Ridge Mastodon, The Native American Gallery and many more. 

Skirmish at Jonesboro

The Skirmish at Jonesboro is a historic battlefield site of a civil war encounter between the Federals and Confederates. The site is preserved and managed by a local trust that aims to maintain the heritage of the local area. During your visit, you will become aware of the details of the battle in addition to learning how both Northern and Southern soldiers would pass through Jonesboro on their way to other battles. 




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