Amazing Ways to Experience Lāna‘i


Lānaʻi is known as Hawaiʻi’s most enticing island. It is only 9 miles from Maui but feels secluded and wondrous. It is known for its luxury but also for its unique experiences. These are the best experiences to have while visiting the exotic island of Lānaʻi.

Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods)

The Garden of the Gods is not what you would typically expect in the Hawaiian Islands. You would imagine a lush, green landscape but expect to find a windswept rocky area that almost looks like a wasteland. Sunsets are known to be magical here, providing vibrant oranges, reds and purples on the landscape. To explore this area, a 4-wheel drive vehicle or mountain bike is required. According to Hawaiian legend, the dry landscape occurred as a result of a challenge between two priests who were tasked with keeping a fire burning on their respective islands longer than the other. The winner would be bestowed with an abundance of vegetation. To keep up with his competitor, the Lanai priest used all of the existing vegetation to keep his fires burning, resulting in the parched land that exists today. 

Hulopoʻe Beach Park

Located in South Lānaʻi, this crescent-shaped beach is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. With pristine, clear waters, large tide pools to explore and the beautiful attraction of Pu‘u pehe just a short distance away, this is one of the most popular beaches on the island.


There are two golf courses on this small island, one of which is the famous Jack Nicklaus’ Mānele Golf Course. This masterpiece golf course has 3 holes built on the seaside cliffs above Hulopoʻe Bay and spans several hundred acres across natural lava outcroppings, has plunging ravines and offers breathtaking views. Each hole has five tee locations allowing golfers at all levels to enjoy one of Jack Nicklaus’ crowning achievements in golf design. 




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