9 Keanu Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know


Many of us know Keanu Reeves as a compassionate, respected man of Hollywood who has starred in movie hits such as The Matrix, John Wick and, of course, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Over the years, his public reputation has become favorably stable due to his humble nature, benevolent spirit and overall charm. We here at Cloud Nine wanted to know more about Keanu and through our research, we found these 9 interesting facts we bet you didn’t know either!

  1. Keanu loved hockey as a kid. While living in Toronto as a child, Reeves became captivated by hockey. He enjoyed playing both street and ice hockey. He had an opportunity to play for the Windsor Spitfires but turned it down because he believed his future was in the performance arts.
  2. He is technically not an American citizen. Although he was born in Beirut, he is in fact a Canadian citizen by naturalization. He technically never needed his American citizenship because he was able to procure a green card through his American stepfather. After this, he moved to L.A. to start his acting career.
  3. Reeves performs his own stunts. This iconic actor once revealed on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that for one of his movies, “The Matrix Resurrections,” he jumped off a building “around 19, 20 times over the course of two days” to get it right. Keep in mind, during the filming of this movie, Reeves was 57 years old. Now that’s impressive!
  4. Keanu Reeves has been known to defer his salary to get other actors in his movies. When Keanu wants to work with particular actors for different movies he has willingly deferred his compensation so that productions can free up some of their budgets to be able to afford the actors.

  5. Keanu was a bassist for the band, Dogstar. Dogstar was together from 1991-2002. During their career, they played with Bon Jovi, Rancid and Weezer. They toured through the U.S. and Asia.
  6. Reeves is a huge fan of motorcycles. You won’t see him riding as much as he used to though, this is due to multiple crashes that resulted in some pretty serious injuries. Keanu also co-founded “Arch Motorcycle Company” which makes and sells custom motorcycles.
  7. Keanu has an entire festival dedicated to him in Scotland. KeanuCon is known as the world’s first Keanu Reeves film festival. It started in 2018 by screening 11 Keanu Reeves films and hosting Wyld Stallyns (Keanu’s fake band from “Bill and Ted”) live.
  8. Not getting the recognition he deserves? Oddly enough, Keanu has never been nominated for an Oscar.
  9. Keanu Reeves has previously stated that he doesn’t care about money. He says he could live off of what he’s already made for the next few centuries, which explains why he’s so generous.



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