Travel The Cool Mystic Caverns of Harrison, AR

Cave with concrete footpath and light in Aggtelek, Hungary

If you take a Southern Airways flight into Harrison, AR this summer you will find the Mystic Caverns and the Crystal Dome the perfect way to cool off as average temperatures are around 59 degrees!

Considered 2 of the most beautiful caves in the Ozarks, they are conveniently in the same location!

The Mystic Caverns were discovered in the 1800s and decorated with regal columns, spherical stalactites, electrified helictites, and a 28-foot pipe organ.

The Crystal Dome was discovered in 1967 and is a picture-perfect 8-story dome that glistens from the bottom of the Crystal Bell all the way to the top.

Tours run constantly and Harrison is only a short trip from Branson, so make a summer vacation out of it!