These Places Go Bump In The Night

Ghost in abandoned, haunted house. Horror scene of scary spirit of a woman, halloween concept.

Southern Airways and Mokulele Airlines travel all across the U.S. and many of their stops feature some haunts and tales for those that like the Halloween Season. So, grab your pumpkin latte and go check out these places that go bump in the night…..

The Hawai’i Night Marchers

According to many, Hawaii’s night marchers, the phantoms of ancient Hawaiian warriors, are said to roam the islands at night. Night marchers, known as huaka‘i pō in the Hawaiian language, are death-dealing ghosts. The night marchers were the protectors of spirits and gods so powerful that should a human look upon them it would bring death.

Some report often hearing chants, conch shell horns, and drumming after sundown. If you should happen upon a night marcher procession while in Hawai’i, one should lie face down on the ground, shut their eyes, and pretend to be dead, and hope the procession takes mercy upon you according to legend.

Hot Spring, Arkansas

Hot Springs has a rich history of gangsters, debauchery, and Prohibition-Era mayhem. But there are a couple of spots you might wanna stop or stay at if you are looking for a chilling night before warming up in a natural Hot Springs spa….

  • Arligton Hotel’s Room 443 — also known as The Capone Suite, where infamous American gangster Al Capone stayed when he would frequent Hot Springs — guests have reported the smell of a cigar in the non-smoking hotel. Another strange experience that may just be Capone himself is guests having heard and seen the room’s connecting door knob turn, despite there being no door knob on the other side.
  • The Ohio Club is the oldest bar in Arkansas. Here the Prohibition Era thrived and guys like Lucky Luciano and Bugsy Segal frequented the place. Many say over the years you can still hear them having fun after hours clinking drinks and listening to the old piano.

Muskegon, Michigan

Lighthouse legend says William Robinson, who watched over the White River Light Station for 47 years, never left! He can still be heard walking with his cane in the stairwells. And it is said his wife Sarah often helps out with housekeeping duties.

Other Haunted Places of Interest

  • Did you know that The St. Louis House on Roanoke Drive in St. Louis, Missouri is home to the actual house that inspired “The Exorcist”? The house still stands where the 1949 exorcism of a young boy happened that inspired the 70s film.
  • In Denver, Colorado the oldest steakhouse in town, the Buckhorn Exchange, opened in 1893 as a trading post. It has welcomed miners, cowboys, and railroad workers. Some apparently enjoyed it so much they stayed. Some have seen tables move, heard laughter, and more.