Summer Vacation in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

clearfield county

Clearfield County is located in the center of Pennsylvania and is home to many unique experiences that attract many visitors each year. Locally known as “Halfway to Everywhere” due to its prime location that provides access to a host of small towns, big cities and picturesque places to adventure through, Clearfield County offers memorable experiences for the business traveler and family vacationers alike. Allow us to introduce you to some iconic experiences that only Clearfield County can offer.

Exploring the Outdoors

Bilger’s Rocks

Bilger’s Rocks is a park in Clearfield County that is located near the small town of Grampian. You will find an abundance of exceptionally beautiful sandstone formations that provide an interactive adventure with the help of openings, passageways and crawlspaces to explore. These 300 million-year-old rock formations stand up to 50 feet tall and extend over 20 acres.  The park provides an educational center that offers a variety of programs to teach you about the history and current climate of the park in addition to camping, concessions, freestyle hiking and a guided tour.

Treasure Lake

Treasure Lake is a resort and recreation community where you can camp, swim, boat, golf, fish and play tennis. Located near DuBois, you will encounter 9,000 acres of woodlands, glistening lakes and a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to the relaxation nature provides, Treasure Lake has hiking trails, playgrounds, restaurants and more for you to explore.

Discovering Clearfield’s Character

Grice Clearfield Community Museum

A non-profit organization, this local museum displays a mix of over 70 collector cars, ranging from classic favorites to modern-day marvels, and taxidermy pieces with unique stories to tell. Visit their website to schedule a tour that will provide you with in-depth knowledge of all the items housed in this gallery.

Clearfield Historical Society

If you would like to learn the history of Clearfield County and how it came to be as it is today, then a visit to the Clearfield Historical Society is for you. A non-profit organization that is committed to preserving the rich history of the area, it is located in historic downtown Clearfield and is home to an exceptional collection of items that chronicle the settlement and development of the county.

A Taste of Clearfield County

Doolittle Station

Doolittle Station is a must-see roadside experience that includes restaurants, a brewery, a museum and a bed and breakfast all under one roof, well kind of. Doolittle Station is made up of multiple train cars that house each of these businesses. The must-try food experience? The Diner Car. The Diner Car offers a casual dining experience in a 1950s Americana atmosphere.

Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub

With humble beginnings of a 600 square foot restaurant owned by a man with a thirst for food challenges has grown into a local favorite with a big appetite for tackling memorable and impressive food challenges, some of which take up to 72 hours to prepare for. If a food challenge isn’t what you’re after, sit back and enjoy a delicious meal from their large menu. What do we suggest? Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Loaded Boneless Wings and the Smokey Mountain Brisket Burger.

Summer Happenings

Clearfield County Fair 

Enjoy a day or two of carnival rides, games, food and a variety of local vendors at the Clearfield County Fair. This 7 day fair has a host of performers, entertainment and competitions to enjoy. For the latest fair news and live entertainment updates, visit

High Country Arts & Crafts Fair

Located at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds, the High Country Arts & Crafts Fair is a highly anticipated local summer favorite. Shop a variety of vendors with homemade crafts and products, try a taste of local foods at the food vendor booths and enjoy live entertainment.

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