Hot Springs, AR Hosts World Championship Tub Races


Head to Hot Springs, Arkansas (HOT), the weekend of June 4-5, 2021, and you may be in for a bit of a surprise. People walking around in slippers, bath robes, and shower caps. Even more bizarre: Bathtubs racing down the downtown streets!

That’s right it’s the Annual World Championship Running of the Tubs in the home of The City That Bathes The World. Festivities are as follows:

  • June 4th: Judging of the Tubs- The event is a celebration of Hot Springs’ historic past when the city proclaimed “We Bathe The World!” and the coveted “Stueart Pennington Cup” is named in honor of Stueart Pennington, a well-known and respected downtown businessman.
  • June 5th: Running of the Tubs-Four team members (the bath attendants) must push their bathtubs through the heart of the city, the Historic Bathhouse Row, while the team captain sits in the bathtub and steers. Throughout the course, teams will face various obstacles along the way, while dressed in elaborate costumes in hopes to become The World Champion Tub Runners – a sought-out title, obviously.

    The bathtub must be full of water at the start of the race and have at least 10 gallons of water left in the tub at the finish line. If that isn’t hard enough, each bath attendant must carry one of 4 items (bar of soap, bath mat, loofah mitt, and bath towel) throughout the entire race and present all items at the end of the race. Here’s a fun twist, the judges (sporting bathrobes and clipboards) are encouraged to make up new rules on the spot! Keeping everybody on their toes!

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