Discover the Mariana Islands with Southern Airways


We are delighted to announce our newest inter-island flight schedule for the Mariana Islands. Discover the treasures of Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan through Southern Airways’ newest flight additions. 


Guam is the southernmost island of the Marianas. It has over 4,000 years of history and 130 sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Relax on beaches full of white sand or dive into the beautiful waters full of marine life. In fact, divers can encounter the rare opportunity to view two warships from two different wars lying next to each other on the ocean floor. One from World War 1 and the other from World War 2. Top attractions: Ypao Beach Park, Micronesia Mall and Morning Market Dededo. 


Rota is known as the “friendly island”. It is about 35 minutes by air to fly from Guam and is full of charm. Snorkeling and Scuba are both very popular on this island in addition to other water sports such as windsurfing. It is about 12 miles long by about 4.5 miles wide. Abundant in views, water sports and food – Rota is perfect for those wanting to explore quaint, small areas. Top attractions: The Swimming Hole, visit the Old Japanese Cannon and take a Blue Palms Day Tour. 


Relax on pristine and secluded beaches while visiting Tinian. This island is not only full of beauty but also rich in history and culture. It is small with a population of about 3,500 people; however, it carries a lot of excitement to any history lover. Top attractions: The Manhattan Connection, the Taga stones and a natural monument known as the Blowhole which shoots columns of water over 30 feet into the air. 


Saipan is one of the largest of the islands with a population of about 47,000 people. It is packed with historical sites, shopping and plenty of culinary experiences, not to mention beautiful beaches and waters. Top attractions: Mount Tapochau, The Grotto and Banzai Cliff.



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