Celebrating the 19th Annual Christmas in the Marianas

Northern Mariana Islands flag on wooden table with snow objects. Christmas and new year background, celebration national concept with white decor.

The long-awaited holiday celebration known as Christmas in the Marianas promises to be nothing short of spectacular! The 19th annual celebration takes place every Saturday in December at the Garapan Fishing Base in Garapan.  The event features decorated Christmas trees, a mini Christmas village, island food and a costume/caroling contest in addition to a Christmas parade that will feature parade floats with beautiful bright lights. 

Various schools from around The Mariana’s volunteer to show their holiday spirit by decorating the Garapan Fishing Base with grand Christmas decorations. Cheerful students represent their schools as contestants in the costume and caroling contest. 

The schedule for this amazing weeks-long Christmas celebration is as follows:

  December 3rd: Christmas tree/ Caroling contest (Elementary & Middle School Level)

–  December 3rd: Mini Christmas Village (High School Level)

– December 3rd: Caroling contest (Elementary & Middle school Level)

December 10th: Caroling Contest (Elementary & Middle school Level)

– December 10th: Christmas Skit (High School Level)

 December 17th: Christmas parade, Float contest, Costume contest (Open to all levels)

– January 7th: Mochitsuki Festival



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