2023 Spring In The Marianas- Flame Trees and Hot Peppers!

Tinian Pika Hot Chili Festival
Hot chili peppers

So if you haven’t been to the Mariana Islands in the Spring you are missing out! So much to do and there is something for everyone! From food to fishing, and kites to nature, the Mariana Islands are definitely worth visiting in the Spring! And Southern Airways Marianas makes it easy to get around!

Tinian Hot Pepper Pika Festival

(Usually second weekend in March, exact dates TBA). The festival, affectionately knowns as “Pika Fest” among locals (“pika” means spicy), pays homage to Tinian’s small but famous “donne sali”(Donne meaning hot pepper and Sali, a local black bird that feeds on this tiny super hot peppers) hot pepper. The donne sali has a Scoville heat unit of 4000-4250.

The festival includes a full weekend of activities including food sales, live entertainment, competitions, arts and crafts sales, and more.

While you are there check out pre-historic remains of ancient indigenous Chamorro culture, including the ruins of the House of Taga. World War II relics abound, including the Atomic Bomb Pits used to load the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and more.

The Flame Tree Arts Festival

( Usually held mid-April, dates TBA). The longest-running arts and cultural festival in the western Pacific region. The entertainment-packed event will feature traditional and contemporary dance, music, and visual arts, traditional canoe exhibits, and the best of local food and drink. Entrance is free! The traditional Carolinian Stick Dance is just one of the many exciting performances to see.

The island’s turquoise lagoon hides wrecks and remnants of the Pacific War and is a snorkeler’s and scuba diver’s paradise found. With over 4,000 yeard of history behind it Saipan is definitely worth a visit, especially during The Flame Tree Arts Festival.