About Waimea-Kohala Airport, HI – MUE

photo from sierraclub.org

During World War II, the Marine Corps built a small airstrip near Kamuela, Hawaii, consisting of a graded and oiled strip 3,000-feet long on land belonging to Parker Ranch.  It was designed for use by liaison aircraft in connection with their training operations on Hawaii.  This facility was known as Bordelon Field.

In order to provide air service to the Waimea district after the war, the area on which this airstrip was situated was leased from Parker Ranch by the Hawaii Aeronautics Commission.

The Big Island of Hawai`i is home to the town of Waimea which takes us to our next airport destination. Waimea, in the native tongue, means, “reddish water”. It was given this name because of the color of the streams that flow from the hapu’ forests in the Kohala Mountains just north of town. It is 32 miles northeast of Kona, 43 miles northwest of Hilo, and roughly a 30-minute drive from the Waikoloa Resort. However, the Waimea-Kohala airport is just 2 miles southwest of town, giving travelers easy access to all of Waimea’s attractions.



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