Top Ways To Cool Down in the South this Summer

navigating the margarita mile

The South is known for its warm, humid climate during the summer months. True Southerners know the best way to escape the heat is to embrace it in fun ways that are unique to the South. Whether it’s sipping tequila in Dallas or diving in at Branson’s Table Rock Lake, here are a few of the South’s favorite ways to stay cool during the dog days of summer.

Dallas’ Margarita Mile

Did you know that Dallas is the birthplace of the frozen margarita machine? What better way to acknowledge that historical fact than with a self-guided margarita tour that will take you to all of the top places in Dallas known for their margaritas? With new recipes to try each year by some of the top bartenders in the area, the Margarita Mile is a must experience for every tequila lover.

Table Rock Lake, Branson

One of Branson’s top destinations, Table Rock Lake offers a variety of watersports in addition to camping. The area provides crystal clear water, plenty of shade from the trees and every outdoor activity imaginable from waterskiing to sailing. With 800 miles of beaches, you can hang out with a cold drink in hand or dive in the water for the ultimate cool down.

Destin Shoreline

The Destin shoreline provides some of The Gulf’s most beautiful beaches. With white sandy beaches and emerald waters, the area will allow you to indulge in gorgeous views and some of the best seafood. From stand-up paddleboarding to Big Kahuna’s Waterpark, there are plenty of ways to cool off in the Destin sun.

Paddle the Wolf River in Memphis

The upper Wolf River includes the Ghost River State Natural Area, which is home to of the most beautiful wetland water trails in the country. It is a Class I stream (no whitewater) that still provides plenty of obstacles to maneuver around and unpredictable currents that add some adventure. The float usually takes about 6 hours and shows you the natural beauty of the area.



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