Those Silica Gel Packs–Save Them For Traveling!


So, you know those silica gel packs that you get with like …everything? Shoes, Amazon packages, they are everywhere! But, usually, we just throw them out.

But, there are some ways we can be re-using these for that next trip. Especially, if you are heading to a more humid climate. See, that’s what silica gel packs are great for…moisture control.

Try these travel hacks :

  • Have favorite spices? Forget the rice, a small gel pack will work to keep them from clumping in damoer weather
  • Always have some packed away in case you go swimming with your phone. Use instead of rice.
  • Kids shoes stink from sweat and water? Drop a couple of silicone packs in them
  • Keep your makeup bag fresh with a couple of gel packs
  • Keep camera gear moisture-free by dropping a couple of packs in the lens bag.

Now remember, don’t eat them..Why would you? and keep away from pets. Most of today’s are non-toxic, but, better to be safe than sorry.



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