Providence, Rhode Island: Historic, Ghostly Sites

Biltmore Hotel Providence Rhode Island 2017.

Who says Halloween time can’t be a little creepy and a little educational? We have compiled a list of the top places in Providence, Rhode Island with some historical depth and maybe even a few ghostly secrets, the question is: Do you dare to explore them?

Providence City Hall

Built in 1878 by architect Samuel J.F. Thayer, Providence City Hall is rich in history. Even being the site where Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy had once given speeches on these very steps. It is said by City Hall workers that “something” rides the elevator at haphazard times, moves chairs around, open drawers and whispers throughout the building. You can personally tour Providence City Hall to see if you encounter any paranormal activities for yourself.

Rhode Island School of Design

Since 1877, the Rhode Island School of Design opened with the intent to help women access design education. It has since been the home of many famous alumni including Claire Daines and Seth MacFarlane. Multiple buildings on campus are said to be haunted. With claims of apparition’s reflections being displayed in mirrors, unknown footsteps down halls and lights flickering on their own, this is definitely one of Rhode Islands creepiest sites to explore.

Crescent Park Looff Carousel

This hand-carved carousel was built in 1895 by Charles I. D. Looff at his Brooklyn, New  York factory. It is now located in Crescent Park in the Riverside section of East Providence. It is said that the spirits of those who perished in a major nearby fire in the 1960s haunts the ride by turning the music on at random, flashing the lights and employees have even reported seeing nearby apparitions of a woman in a hoop skirt.

The Biltmore Hotel

Said to be one of the most haunted hotels in all of Rhode Island, the Biltmore was named America’s Most Haunted hotel in all of the United States in the year 2000. It opened in 1922 and currently houses 292 rooms. It has been featured in numerous movies and has influenced writers such as Stephen King and Robert Bloch to gain inspiration for terrifying fictional accommodations such as the Overlook Hotel and the Bates Motel. With a deep history of trecherous occurrences and historical events, the hotel has long been associated with a powerful connection to darkness. Guests and employees often report the sounds of rowdy partiers pouring out from empty rooms during all hours of the night, dancers dancing across the hotel ballroom floor and of course, some ghostly wanderers.




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