Hula, Food and Wine Highlight 2023 Hawai’i Summer Events

Beautiful Hula dancer woman on the beach

Hawai’i has 2 great events this Summer and Mokulele Airlines wants to take you to both!

Kapalua Wine and Food Festival

The Kapalua Wine and Food Festival is held June 8-11, 2023 at the Kapalua Resort on Maui.

This 42nd Annual event features over 30 wineries with tastings, a Gala, and of course dinner pairings.

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Prince Lot Hula Festival

Celebrating its 46th anniversary this year, the Prince Lot Hula Festival is the largest non-competitive hula festival in Hawaii. The Festival will be held the weekend of July 15, 2023.

The Prince Lot Hula Festival was always intended to be a free gift of hula to the community. Dancers perform both kahiko (ancient) and auana (modern) styles of hula that features dancers of all ages and skill levels. Without the restrictions of competition, kumu hula are free to create whatever dances inspire them.

During his reign as Kamehameha V from 1863 to 1872, Prince Lot was known as a champion of Hawaiian culture and traditions. This included the revival of hula, which had been banned by a previous leader due to religious beliefs.