Ghostly Experiences in the Mile High City


Want to encounter the supernatural that dwells in the Denver area? We have the top  places where you can endure spine-chilling engagements you won’t soon forget. 

The Molly Brown House Museum

You may have heard her referred to as the Unsinkable Molly Brown due to her heroic efforts to get passengers off of the famous Titanic as it sank. Molly Brown and her husband, J.J. Brown, were both travelers on the Titanic that fateful night, J.J. Brown sank with the Titanic but Molly managed to survive. At the time of the Titanic disaster, Molly and J.J. lived in this very house in Denver. Originally built in 1887, it was due for demolition in 1970 before it was saved by Historic Denver Inc. The home has since been converted into a museum where ghostly sightings have been experienced over the years. There is a strict no-smoking policy and yet random whiffs of cigars are reported from around the home. It was well known that J.J. Brown so famously loved to smoke from his cigar pipe. Perhaps, the smoky scents of today is J.J. himself indulging in one of his favorite pastimes. Shadowy figures have been reported moving throughout the house, one, in particular, a woman in a Victorian-era style dress who seems to have a fondness for rearranging the furniture throughout the museum. This apparition is said to be none other than Molly Brown herself. Along with any haunted site, reports of unexplained coldness and taps on the shoulders are experienced by visitors and staff alike. 

The Patterson Inn

Known as the Patterson-Croke mansion, this mansion was built in 1890 by Thomas Croke. Upon Thomas’ first step into his completed mansion, he felt an uneasy feeling that caused him to never return. He then sold it to Thomas Patterson, a politician turned U.S. Senator. Many of Patterson’s family members experienced untimely deaths and are said to be the greater part of the spirits that haunt the Patterson Inn. It is steeped in perplexing histories, such as the story of the two Doberman Pinscher dogs that plunged out of a third-story window with no cause. Today, it is a hotel you can stay in and experience for yourself. Many people agree that each room has its own presence. In Biltmore Suite is known for not allowing couples to get romantic, often flickering the lights on and off. There are discussions to be heard in Room 9. Various apparitions have been seen and experienced throughout the years since the Patterson Inn was first built. Most stories seem to point to them being members of the Patterson family and few have stories of terror. In fact, once when the Inn was an apartment building for a short while, there was a pregnant mother staying there. She was having trouble sleeping and a ghostly image of a woman came to gently move her into a comfortable position. This spirit had whispered her name was Kate. Ironically enough, Thomas Patterson’s wife was named Kate.  

Cheesman Park 

Cheesman Park is one of the most popular parks in the Denver area. You will discover people strolling on beautiful days, picnics being had and pleasant memories being made; however, what you don’t see at first glance is the fact that the park was built on top of an old burial ground in 1898. The cemetery was initially created for the “undesirable” citizens – outlaws, the poorer of the local population and those who died from infectious diseases. Human remains have been discovered at the park as recently as 2008 when road workers stumbled upon them while doing routine maintenance. It is reported that over 2,000 spirits still roam the grounds, some of them angry that their graves were moved during the park’s development. Many people today report a spell of overwhelming sadness while moving throughout the park, endless reports of ghostly sightings including spirits who appears confused, children playing and a woman singing to herself. Sounds of moaning and groaning have also been reported in the park at night. 



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