Dr. Stefany Jones: The Hustle Mama Empowering Today’s Female Entrepreneurs


Dr. Stefany Jones is the CEO of Hustle Mama: The magazine for today’s powerhouse woman. This unique publication is a women’s lifestyle magazine that highlights and supports the entrepreneurial efforts of women who hustle, of women who Help, Unite, Share, Teach, Lead and Empower their families, communities and the world.

Dr. Stefany is originally from Brooklyn, New York but now resides in the Atlanta Metro area. She has triumphed over obstacles throughout her personal and professional life to build an empire that serves its audience while leading them. More than just a personal interest, Dr. Stefany has created a lifestyle centered around being a powerhouse woman who lifts up other female entrepreneurs to elevate the overall objectives of women who hustle. 

We were able to sit down with Dr. Stefany recently to get to know her, her business and her future plans.

Please, give us some background on yourself.

My name is Dr. Stefany Jones and I am the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman. It is a women’s lifestyle magazine that highlights and supports the entrepreneurial efforts of women who HUSTLE. They Help, Unite, Share, Teach, Lead and Empower families, communities and the world.

I am a spiritually-based business intelligence expert. I use sacred texts and universal laws to teach women entrepreneurs how to build businesses with a different perspective and align their gifts, skills, talents and callings with their business and financial goals. As a coma survivor in 2000, I believe there is much more to life than we could ever comprehend, and that our definitions of true living boils down to aligned perceptions.

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York, now living in the Atlanta Metro area, and spent most of my professional career working for one of the Ivy’s and in large-scale affordable housing writing support services and independent self-sufficiency curricula for senior and family housing all over the country. I am an author, motivational speaker, professional life coach, and mom of 3 adult children, one of whom is in a coma.

What inspired you to start Hustle Mama?

My struggles as a single mother, working 2 full-time jobs, going to school to get my education at night full-time, and trying to provide the best life possible for my children inspired me to start Hustle Mama. I started this Powerhouse Women’s Movement because I wanted to build a community of go-getters and boss women moms who experienced the same lifestyle challenges as I did as a woman trying to do it all, be it all and have it all. There’s really something special about the resilience of women who are relentless about their dreams and making things happen for their families, communities and everyone they come in contact with. I wanted to be that place where women who had little time and little resources could get access to information, education, and resources that others put a hefty price tag on. I wanted to be able to build a community where women who were working and building side hustles could come and learn about how to grow their businesses and create infrastructures that would last for generations after them. I wanted to provide opportunities for everyday hard-working sheroes to be celebrated for their contributions while at the same time supported for their efforts in business by being a one-stop-shop and portal to what they had to offer the world personally and professionally. 

What are the main goals of the Hustle Mama brand?

Hustle Mama is more than a magazine, it is a mogul mindset, a manifestation movement, and is motivating millions of women worldwide to heal their hearts, hack their lives, harness their power, and build digital empires. 

Our main goals are

  1.  To be the largest online community portal delivering content with a conscience to women of all races, ethnicities, economies, and geographies all over the globe as we translate into more than 60+ languages and stream entertainment content as a result of our Ebony Media Distribution partnership, and news hot off the press wire.
  2. To provide online education and tools to help women heal their hearts to their God-given gifts and personal goals, hack their lives and businesses by teaching them shortcuts and winning strategies, harness their personal super powers and build multiple streams of passive income using digital assets and digital real estate portfolios.
  3. To partner with other like-minded organizations to help young women in other countries become entrepreneurs and self-sufficient leaders in their respective disciplines and in their respective geographies.

Please, share ways your brand has impacted women and people across the globe.

We take our global impact very seriously. In addition to micro-lending to women business owners in other countries, we translate into more than 60+ languages, teaching under our 4 pillars of heal, hack, harness, and build. We also teach entrepreneurship and how to create and leverage digital products to earn passive income in these various languages as well.

We’ve also partnered with CCBM Mission in Liberia, West Africa. Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped them in different capacities, by supporting their orphanage of girls’ education, health care, and overall basic well-being.

What do you envision the future of Hustle Mama to be?

I see Hustle Mama being every bit of the powerhouse empowerment movement that I’ve always wanted it to be. My desire is to inspire women from all over the world to tap into their greatness by being the manifestos of the lives that they’ve always wanted and dreamed of having.

I envision Hustle Mama Magazine as the lifestyle portal to independent and self-sufficiency education, entrepreneurial success, and spiritual health and well-being for young girls as well. I see us as an instrument to help build the online infrastructure for those with limited access to education, limited resources, and limited finances. My ultimate goal is to support young women in coming into alignment with the most significant aspects of who they are and tapping into everything they were born to do. I want them to understand that life is about more than chasing money and million-dollar dreams, that operating in their gifts while simultaneously building a sustainable business and being strategic about leaving a legacy for generations to come worth their weight in gold.

Is there something, in particular, you want readers to know about Hustle Mama?

I would love readers to know that The Hustle Mama Tribe is a community of women who learn together, work together, build together, and support one another. We not only have our own private Facebook Group, but we have our own Hustle Mama Business Network Directory where I help our tribe members grow their businesses and get organic traffic and exposure to audiences that may have never been introduced to them. We would love to have more and more women join and become part of our tribe (https://facebook.com/groups/thehustlemamatribe )

Where can someone subscribe to receive Hustle Mama?

You can read our online version for free at https://HustleMamaMagazine.com.

We are part of the Magzter platform, which is the largest digital magazine distribution platform in the world. (https://Magzter.HustleMamaMagazine.com). You can also subscribe on the Magcloud platform. (https://Magcloud.HustleMamaMagazine.com )

Leave us with a quote that will inspire our readers.

“The only way to the great YOU ARE, is through THE GREAT I AM. Remember that to focus on everything wonderful about who you are (THE I AM), is what will get you through anything and every single thing that ever comes your way!” – Dr. Stefany




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