COVID-19 Statement From Southern Airways


New rule for Southern and Mokulele passengers requires face masks beginning May 11th
Based on CDC guidelines and government recommendations, including many new state and
local laws around the country, Southern Airways and Mokulele Airlines airport team members are now wearing face masks when on duty. This is in addition to the many hygienic and protective measures already in place, such as the use of medical-grade gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
Beginning May 11, all Southern and Mokulele customers must wear face coverings (including masks, bandanas, scarves, or other forms of face protection) in the airports we serve and when in flight.

This policy is in line with measures becoming effective the same date on our interline partner, American Airlines. The mask requirement includes time during check-in, boarding, in-flight, and deplaning. Young children who are not able to maintain a face covering on their own are exempt from this policy, as are individuals with qualifying health reasons or disabilities. Visit the CDC website for more information about face coverings, or contact Southern Airways Customer Care at (800) 329-0485 for more information.

Southern Airways today announces the most customer-centric policy in the industry for flight changes needed as a result of Covid-19, the “novel Coronavirus.” With the understanding that travel within the national air transportation network is a matter of critical importance to the health and safety of America’s citizens, all change fees, effective today, will be suspended through April 15th on all Southern flights, regardless of fare
class or date purchased.*

Even customers in the basic economy fare will be able to cancel and rebook flights for any
published Southern Airways fare. In addition, passengers may change the route of travel, the day of travel, or the passenger traveling.

“These are unprecedented times for our nation, our customers, and our employees,” said Stan Little, Chairman and CEO of Southern. “We are doing everything possible, within reason, to accommodate the needs of the American people and our team members.”

“First and foremost in this effort is the health and safety of everyone traveling. We are redoubling our efforts to clean all surfaces between flights and to ensure that our customers travel in the safest environment possible. At Southern Airways, you will never fly with more than eight other passengers and two crew, so opportunities for exposure are extremely limited. Moreover, our flights do not exceed 10,000 feet in altitude, so pressurized air is never pumped into the cabin.”

“Most of our hometowns have thus far proven very resilient to the virus in comparison to other areas of the country. So long as the government allows unrestricted domestic travel to continue, Southern Airways will serve the people of our 31 cities as we have done since 2013.”
*Differences in fares will continue to apply.



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