5 Tips For Traveling With Kids

    Emilia Taneva

    Tis the season to be traveling! Nearly half of Americans plan to travel over the holiday months, many of them with children. Every parent understands the stress of keeping youngsters entertained during long car rides and tedious air travel. Not to worry: digital influencer Emilia Taneva – host of Refinery29-featured travel blog Bubbly Moments – has the solutions.

    Ranked one of North America’s top influencers, Taneva encourages moms everywhere to “live, laugh, dream, travel colorfully” on the Bubbly Moments blog, sharing her tried-and-true travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips. With visits to over 40 countries under her belt, Taneva is a widely trusted authority on tips and tricks for easier family vacations. Here are just a few of the basics for traveling with a newborn:

    1. Plan ahead. Book a direct flight or at least one with a longer layover. Nothing is more hectic than racing to the gate after an emergency diaper change. Create a packing list and have a second person check it over to make sure nothing is missing (especially essentials like milk storage bags, formula, bottle warmer, baby carrier, and pacifiers).

    2. Pack light. You can purchase diapers, ointments, and other disposables just about anywhere. For things you can’t buy on the fly, explore compact or travel-friendly options – you won’t regret investing some extra money in order to save time and stress!

    3. Call ahead. Request a bassinet or Pack ‘N Play on long-distance flights and at your hotel or Airbnb. Unless you’re taking a road trip, you do not want to drag these things with you, particularly if TSA asks you to unfold it in the middle of a chaotic security line.

    4. Press play. A phone app like White Noise Ambience offers dozens of soothing sounds, from “Country Meadow” to “Bathtub Running.” Spotify Premium features baby-friendly music playlists you can listen to offline in Airplane Mode. Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories shares calming bedtime tales narrated by celebrities.

    5. Bring backup. A family trip requiring your constant supervision can leave you needing a vacation when you get home. If you have a nanny or regular babysitter, consider asking her to travel with you. Traveling with extended family can also be a cost-saving alternative.

    Embrace more peace and joy this holiday season – even in the midst of hectic family travel plans – with Emilia Taneva’s 5 pro tips for traveling with a newborn. Follow her top-ranked Bubbly Moments blog for travel hacks, dream destination ideas, and more.



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