10 Holiday Cooking Hacks


Be the star of this year’s holiday party with these 10 great holiday cooking hacks:

  • Add a pinch of 2 of baking powder (DO NOT substitute baking soda) to mashed potatoes (even instant) for extra fluffy potatoes.
  • Print your recipes and tape them to the cabinets. Try and put them in order of cooking. They will be eye level and orderly.
  • Once you roll out pie dough into the pie pans, stick in the freezer 20 minutes before filling and the dough will keep its shape in the oven.
  • Use a wine glass (not the one in your hand) to cut perfect biscuits. Just dip into some flour to keep from sticking.
  • If your gravy is a little bland: add a couple of shots of soy sauce!
  • Fill up a couple of large ziplock bags of ice and put on top of the turkey for 15 minutes to 30 before sticking in the oven. The cooler temp will keep the white meat from being done before the dark meat.
  • Boil potatoes whole and skin on. drop them in an ice bath when done and the skin will peel right off
  • Instead of scrubbing potatoes, run them thru the rinse cycle of your dishwasher..turn off the heated dry. Also works for any root veggies.
  • Butter that needs to be folded into flour mixtures is easier to handle if you freeze it then grate it into the mixture.
  • Too much grease in the gravy? Strain it through a coffee filter.



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